Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Discussion On: State of Gaming & Learning in Academic Libraries

Paul Waelchli (of Research Quest blog and a contributor to this blog) has recently posed some questions to those of us in academic libraries researching and/or interested in gaming. He has noticed a decline (for lack of a better word) in new gaming projects over the last year and he is interested in exploring the reasons for this.

His questions are:
1) What is the current state of games and learning in academic libraries?
2) What are some of the factors to that current state?
3) Based on your experience and research, what are the next steps?
4) What are the factors supporting or preventing those "next steps?"
5) What do the finical and economic situations at many institutions mean for instructional gaming in libraries?
6) What other issues/questions should we be considering?

These are good questions for all of us to think about and resond to. Before I offer up my thoughts, I thought I would post here and allow any reader's of this blog to add their own comments.

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