Monday, April 16, 2007

Chris Thomas and Jerremie Clyde from the University of Calgary will be presenting their research and ongoing work incorporating game-based learning with information literacy at the upcoming Canadian National Higher Education Information Technology Conference held this year in Waterloo, Ontario.

Here is the abstract of their presentation:
Hard Play: Digital Game Based Learning and Information Literacy
The ability of Digital Game Based Learning to motivate, to engage and to shape the learner's thinking makes games an attractive choice for eLearning. Using a compelling narrative and entertaining game play, libraries can immerse learners in situations that allow them to use research tools and resources in complex problem solving. The presenters will introduce the theory and potential of digital game based learning and its relevance to libraries. They will discuss their ongoing research into modifying a first person point of view, action adventure commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) game to evaluate the effectiveness of digital game based learning for transforming undergraduate students into information literate researchers.

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DBQ Hams said...


Welcome back. I've been meaning to get posing again too, I'm sorry for running behind.

Thanks for the info on Chris's presentation. It sounds great and want to know more. His ideas of treating educational games as more "games" than "education" make sense to me.